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David Williams art from salubrious

David Williams

David WilliamsA descendant of the Wakka Wakka people located in Queensland, David Williams was brought up with his culture in the suburban surroundings of Rockhampton. 

Passed on through generations, David's grandmother, taught by her grandfather, handed down traditional songs and first-hand language and music to David from an early age. 

With the encouragement of his uncle, an established Aboriginal Artist based in Sydney, David picked up a paintbrush. His natural artistic skills saw his development as an artist rapidly grow to the point many people were interested in sharing his art, adding it to their collection be it at home or in the office. 

Throughout his university years, David would often skip classes to come home and paint. This saw his stock library grow bigger and bigger. By 2003 he was ready for his first exhibition. 

His first solo exhibition was held in 2004, and he went on to have his first international exhibition in Sweden in the same year. David now has his works hung overseas in private collections in Italy, Spain, England and Germany. 

While predominantly using acrylic on canvas, David began exploring other mediums, which extended to the use of design to communicate. He began experimenting with vector-based graphics as a foundation for his artwork, which had a wider ranging commercial application. His artwork subsequently extended to a series of publications and other areas. 

This led to the creation of Gilimbaa, An Indigenous Creative Agency in Brisbane: Communicating stories of our elders and ancestors of yesterday, utilising the tools and technology of today to the people of tomorrow. 

Through artwork and design, David strives to educate others about his people and his culture, hoping that one day there will be a better understanding across the mainstream population of Australia. 

See more of David's artworks and information about Gilimbaa at: 

David Williams is also a talented musician. See his musician page 

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